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Year of the Eagle

March 4, 2011

Well it’s been an aeon since I made any postings on here. Life has been cruel and kind these long, empty months, but this is not the sort of blog to wax lyrical about the intricacies of my tedious existence. Suffice it to say, I hope to make sure Forgotten Steel remains Forgotten no longer.

By way of a starting post, the new re-enacting season is soon to begin. And what a season. The return of the awesome Victory Show in September is bound to be a highlight of the year, and I wonder if anything will occur to mark the 70th anniversary of Hitler’s doomed invasion of Russia in June (!). What’s frightening however is the ever-closening approach of the major anniversaries – D-Day and Mons 2014, Waterloo annd VE Day 2015. While I’m normally slightly scornful of such events which capitalise on arbitary even-numbered anniversaries, there is something quite special about the 100th and 200th anniversaries of Mons and Waterloo that are to come. When you live the life of the military historian there is something always quite immediate about these battles, they are always close to you, but occasionally it takes an anniversary to remind how long ago it was that these events occured.

This year I’ll be out playing soldiers in the M42s and M43s of the 101st Airborne, along with the other division-strength legion of airborne re-enactors. I always swore never to don the Screaming Eagles but there is something slightly irresistable about it, I suppose because of the media saturation of that famous division. And, having watched Band of Brothers and The Pacific side by side recently, there can be no doubting which has and will continue to have more resonance on the popular imagination of the war.

My group recently completed a short film around a small-unit action of troopers from the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment in Normandy, which you can view below. You can find out more about us here

More from the CP next time

Two of the South Wales Screaming Eagles with a battle trophy


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